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MPHP, or 4′-Methyl-α-pyrrolidinohexiophenone (MPHP) is a stimulant compound which has been reported as a novel designer drug. It is pyrovalerone’s chain-lengthened homolog and is closely related to it. Stimulant action is maintained in the pyrrolidinophenone family as long as the locations of the aryl, ketone, and pyrrolidinyl groups are kept consistent. At the same time, the alkyl backbone can have anywhere from three to seven carbons, with the pentyl or isohexyl backbone typically having the maximum potency. On the aromatic ring, a wide range of substituents are allowed. MPHP Crystal for Sale

MPHP, also known as 4′-Methyl-Î-pyrrolidinohexiophenone, is a chemical molecule closely related to pyrovalerone, which belongs to the pyrrolidinophenone family. The stimulant activity of these compounds can only be maintained if the locations of the aryl, ketone, and pyrrolidinyl groups are kept constant while the alkyl backbone can change. MPHP is thought to be a psychostimulant due to its resemblance to other regularly used designer drugs. It has begun to appear more frequently on the drug market.

This chemical compound is classified as biological and has numerous applications in mass spectrometry. This means that anyone interested in purchasing MPHP may intend to use it in areas such as forensic science research. MPHP Crystal for Sale

The following are some further technical details about this chemical compound:

Monohydrochloride of 2-(pyrrolidine-1-yl)-1-(p-tolyl)hexane-1-one

Formula 295.9 pounds

Purity: 98 percent or higher

A crystalline solid is used in the formulation.

-20°C is the recommended temperature for storage.

Stability: Typically, no less than two years of stability are required.

Despite the mystery surrounding this chemical substance’s effects on organic specimens, including human subjects, many people have begun to purchase MPHP to use it recreationally. Many substances like these are used to achieve euphoric mental and physical sensations. They are frequently sought as alternatives to more commonly prescribed or over-the-counter drugs. This is owing to the fact that many people want to experience a higher level of bliss than they would get with a more typical recreational stimulant. Others may be using this pill to obtain similar outcomes with fewer undesirable side effects associated with more commonly used medications.


Because this chemical substance is not widely used, there are few reports of positive or negative side effects associated with its use. Feelings of exhilaration and elevated mood levels are common beneficial side effects of this sort of medicine. Depending on the dosage, many experiences improve attitude and attention for a length of time following use. When the substance is used, some people feel a stronger emotional connection to individuals around them. Higher degrees of empathy and other emotional relationships are examples of this. MPHP Crystal for Sale

Negative effects:

Nausea and hallucinations are common negative side effects, with a rise in hunger on rare occasions. MPHP, on the other hand, is a chemical compound that is thought to be more harmful to people than other designer drugs. Researchers discovered in 2010 that MPHP could cause significant poisoning, with the likelihood of toxic liver damage and rhabdomyolysis after use.

All goods, including the chemical ingredient MPHP, are sold as study specimens and are never intended for human consumption. Because of the dangers and risks to human subjects, this chemical should only be used for research purposes.

MPHP, or 4-Methyl-Î-pyrrolidinohexiophenone, is a stimulant chemical that we sell as a novel designer drug on our website. It is closely related to pyrovalerone, as it is just pyrovalerone’s chain-lengthened homolog. Stimulant action is maintained in the pyrrolidinophenone family as long as the locations of the aryl, ketone, and pyrrolidinyl groups are kept consistent. At the same time, the alkyl backbone can have anywhere from three to seven carbons, with the pentyl or isohexyl backbone typically having the maximum potency. On the aromatic ring, a wide range of substituents are allowed. MPHP Crystal for Sale

MPHP Crystal Chemistry

According to IUPAC, MPHP Crystal has the chemical formula “(RS)-1-(4-methyl phenyl)-2-(1-pyrrolidinyl)-1-hexanone.” This drug’s molecular weight has been calculated to be 259.385 g/mol, and its purity in its purest forms has been calculated to be nearly equal to or greater than 99 percent. MPHP Crystal has the chemical formula C17H25NO.

The medications should be stored at room temperature or between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, with the drug’s molecule’s stability being known to be equal to or more than two to three years.

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What is MPHP Crystal used for?

MPHP Crystal is a research substance that has been utilized extensively in scientific studies and research. In forensic research, toxicology, and neuroscience, it has been frequently employed as a biochemical. It’s also been used as a research compound in mass spectrometry.

MPHP Crystal is a stimulant that works in a similar way as pyrovalerone. It has been employed because of the euphoric effects that the substance produces when administered. It is recognized, like other stimulant medications, to increase the body’s stamina and endurance after administration and has been taken by those who engage in strenuous physical activity. It is consumed with the purpose of producing sentiments of social energy and boasting in a person. The medicine can make you feel motivated, socially energetic, and confident. The medication, like other stimulant medicines in the cathinone class, is known to reduce appetite. MPHP Crystal for Sale

People have also been known to utilize the medication for recreational purposes.

Effects of MPHP Crystal

When administered, the medication has physical, psychological, and subjective effects. According to study published in 2010 by the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Germany, MPHP MPHP Crystal can cause substantial toxicity and injury to humans. The substance is very addictive and produces ecstatic experiences. The side effects make it difficult to urinate. The medicine causes tactile augmentation, and elevated heart rate is one of the negative effects. The substance causes increased sweat as a result of the stimulation of excessive physical activity.

Toxicity can also be caused by contaminants in medications.

MPHP Crystal Dosage and Overdosage

Because the medicine is only available as a research chemical, it must be administered according to a doctor’s prescription.

An overdose can have a wide range of effects as well as negative side effects, such as significant injury or death in extreme cases.

MPHP Crystal’s Legal Status

Because of its misuse, the drug’s manufacturing, supply, and possession are all regulated in most nations.

Where can i buy MPHP?

Our online pharmacy store provides labs, pharmacies, research institutes, and people with pure and high-quality MPHP Crystal at a very inexpensive price.

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